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Wow! This month has just flown by! In Reading and Writing, we have been focusing on nonfiction texts. We have been discussing nonfiction text features and reading several nonfiction books. Now, students are beginning to write their own nonfiction book. They have picked some very exciting topics! In Math, we are working on story problems again but now we are working with two two-digit numbers. Students are always asked to write an equation AND to show their work. In Word Work this week we are working with syllables and plural words. The spelling pattern for the week is the long i sound and how it may be spelled withy, i or igh. Remember to keep reading at home! Students have to make a big jump this quarter to stay on grade-level. Also, please continue to work on addition and subtraction combinations at home. Students need to know them fluently. Money and time are also some key concepts that we work on in 2nd grade so any extra practice is always great.
Our Valentine’s party will be on February 14th this year. Thanks for all you do! Have a great month!


Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe it’s already December! We are going to have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us.

In Reading, we have been focusing on characters traits and story elements and have also been digging deeper with connections. We are carrying this over into our writing by describing the characters in our writing and identifying their character traits. We just finished writing a narrative piece and are currently sharing those pieces with our classmates.

In Math, we have started geometry and have been learning about 2-D and 3-D objects. We have been learning about the different attributes of shapes. We have also continued working on addition combinations and are now beginning to work on subtraction combinations.

In Word Work, we have been working on the -ed suffix. Our spelling words this week focus on the ‘nd’ cluster. They also include words in which you may not hear the ‘n’ sound in words that end with the consonants ‘ng’ or ‘nk’.

In Science and S.S., we have been learning about rocks, minerals and animals.

The last week before Christmas break we will be doing a book exchange. Please bring a book (new or used) that your child would be willing to exchange for another book. Please bring the book by December  18th. Thanks! Have a great week!


Hello! It’s finally starting to feel like Fall! Time again for all of the delicious soups and chilis we enjoy during this colder weather! I hope you are able to get outside on these last days of nice weather before it gets too cold!

This week:

In Reading, we are doing The Daily Five: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing and Word Work. We are also meeting in guided reading group. When we meet we read, discuss and write about books that are one level above their reading level to help them move up. We also set a reading goal and talk about the strategy we will use to help us meet that goal. This week during Reading we are focusing on cross-checking, chunking letters and sounds(accuracy strategies).

In Writing, we had a Writer’s Celebration and shared our nonfiction books. We are also doing our monthly writing prompt. Our new focus will be on personal narratives and imaginative fiction (narratives).

In Word Work, we are working on making words and studying high frequency words.

In Math, we are continuing to work on time, number strings and addition and subtraction problems. We are emphasizing showing your work and sharing your thinking. We are also discussing the various strategies that we use to problem-solve.

Weekly Reader-The focus this week is Columbus Day.

Don’t forget it’s early out on Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Time is flying in 2nd grade! First quarter will be over before we know it! Our class is still in need of some clean empty soup cans if you have any at home. Also, please begin sending in Boxtops. It’s a great way for our school to get money to buy things the teachers and students need! Last Friday we had a pizza party for the students who turned in their August Star Reader. The students had a great time eating their lunch and watching a video! September Star Readers and Scholastic book orders are due this Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful week. Here is what we are working on this week:

Reading: The students are learning how to read with a partner and how to coach each other through tricky words. We are using reading strategies like: skipping the word and coming back, going back and rereading, chunking words, looking at the pictures, thinking about what word makes sense, etc. We are also learning how to use comprehension strategies like checking for understanding and going back to reread when it doesn’t make sense. We will also begin writing book recommendations this week.

Writing: We are working on writing nonfiction books to teach our classmates about a certain topic. I am really impressed with my students because a lot of them are going above and beyond by doing research at home, checking out books from the library on that topic, using the internet to gather information, etc. They are really taking charge of their own learning and that is amazing! We have also been discussing and noticing nonfiction text features.

Math: We have been working on math combinations, story problems and doubling games. The new game we will learn this week is ‘Double Arrays.’ We are also doing a math assessment this week on story problems to check that students are: 1. showing their work, 2. solving the problem and 3. writing an equation and labeling their answer. We are also doing some other math assessments to gather information on our students about what they already know and what they still need to learn.

Weekly Reader-The focus this week is on using manners. It’s a great reminder for students on how to act appropriate.

Word Work-Identifying words with vowel sounds and making words.

We’ve had a wonderful start to our year and I am enjoying getting to know all of my kiddos! We have been building stamina in Reading, Writing & Word Work to become better readers, writers and spellers. The class is able to read for over 20 minutes at a time. Due to their accomplishment, I added around 75 books to our classroom library. The students are very excited to check out our new books! In Math, we have been working on addition combinations, time and money. We have been playing a lot of math games to help us learn our math combinations. We have also been learning about migration and how things change over time through our Weekly Reader. If you have an old, clean sock at home, please send one with your child to school to use as a an eraser for their whiteboard. We are also in need of 3 clean soup cans and five  clipboards. Also, the class and I have decided that instead of waiting until October to get their reward for their August and September Star Readers, we will have a pizza party in the classroom at lunch for the children who turned in a Star Reader. I will let you know the dates when it comes closer to time. Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Johnson’s Class Schedule

8:40-8:50 Calendar Time

8:50-10:00 Reading Workshop

10:00-11:00 Writing Workshop

11:05-11:35 Recess

11:43-12:08 Lunch


12:30-1:30 Math

1:30-2:00 Word Study

2:05-2:55 Specials

3:00-3:20 Science/S.S.

3:20-3:40 Pack-Up, Read Aloud, Dismissal

Specials Schedule:





Friday- Library

We have had a great first few days of school! We have been practicing our classroom routines and building stamina! I feel very lucky to have such wonderful students and I look forward to getting to know them this year. Please remember that if your child is going to be getting home a different way than usual to please send a note! I want to make sure that all of my students get home safely and correctly! I also want to thank all of the parents who have so graciously donated items for our classroom this year. It is much appreciated! Have a fantastic day!

Mrs. Johnson


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